Computer SMART Board
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The SMART Board M680V interactive whiteboard is another high-tech edition of M600 Series Boards that offers a truly engaging and collaborative experience for your classroom. Designed for focused learning with intuitive control and design, the SMART Board M680V is a proven educational device that increase learning capabilities in students. Featuring 77-inch (diagonal) SMART Board, it offers user-friendly gesture recognition that allows the users to interact within the award-winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. TheSBM680V is an ideal solution for creating a collaborative learning environment in the classroom with an emphasis on freestyle interaction.


The multi-touch capability allows up to two users to simultaneously write, manipulate, erase, and perform other mouse functions effortlessly, with the touch of a finger or pen! It comes with two pens and utilizes SMART Ink™ technology that provides a responsive and accurate writing experience by making your hand-written content more legible. The design is complete with white and light gray frame finish. Equipped with Four-camera DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology, this SMART Board® interactive whiteboard features durable hard-coated steel surface, and is optimized for projection. It comes with a two-year limited equipment warranty.