Converting - (Conversion)

Conversion: In Online Advertising, it is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action (e.g. make a purchase or click an ad). Definition from

What does a Conversion action look like on your web site?

Direct Action or Requests: Information, Quotes, Samples, Catalogs, Email, Chat, Phone Call, Fax, BUY!

Indirect Action: Print information from your web site, “email this page”, download information, save a page to “My Favorites” (create a bookmark).


The conducting of business communication and transactions over networks & through computers. The buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications.

Chat and Quote Forms

A request for information from an online resource. A document used to solicit vendor responses when a product has been selected and price quotations are needed from several vendors.

Distributor Storefronts

A Virtual Storefront that eliminates the need to carry the inventory! Streamline how you process and sell the products you carry.


Business 2 Business

According to research B2B websites lag behind overall in conversion, with on average only 58% of users able to complete their goals on a given website. The B2C (business to consumer industry) is significantly better with 66% of their users able to complete their goals. The truth is, there is alot more at stake with B2B, and this is a clear area that needs to be developed.

Online Commerce

A B2B site should -support the many other stages of the buying process besides the add to cart — including the post-sales stages, which are crucial to customers’ long-term brand loyalty. In fact, many complex products require supplies, spare parts, or other consumables that are perfectly suited to traditional e-commerce. In addition, B2B sites should be considered lead generators.


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Prospects use websites during their initial research and stick with the helpful sites during subsequent research.

The area for the greatest improvement is to open up your B2B Website. Instead of requiring users to register for something to get access to a portion of your site, allow them in. Even product support documents which are considered post sale information, can be of great use to a potential customer. Again, making the information available puts you ahead of your competitors.

According to the Neilsen research, when users were asked to prioritize which of 28 types of B2B site information mattered most to them, prices scored the highest by far (29% higher than product availability, which ranked second). It’s time to have a closer look at how B2B utilizes the internet to improve ROI, and generate Sales. When you are ready for improvement, Contact Us for more information, and a Free Website Analysis.

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Designer Special Issue B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide: Advice From the Pros

Conversion is the Key to profitability

Excerpt from Special Issue,

Evaluating the solution and the supplier. Since businesses often buy the same products and services repeatedly, the B2B purchase process involves evaluating both the product/service and the supplier – while I may get a great price on this equipment today, can I expect a similar deal in the future? Will the supplier be able to provide parts and service for the lifetime of the equipment? Are there opportunities to consolidate other purchases with this supplier?
What the pros say: “B2C marketing focuses on driving consumers to a site for an immediate sale in a single visit, while B2B marketing is not usually focused on an immediate conversion but rather on building confidence with the business customer and having the opportunity to be considered as the best supplier.”       Steve Chickillo,         - Owner - NETworks Marketing Group, Inc

Recommendation: Keep in mind that business buyers evaluate your product or service and your company when clicking through from a search engine. Clear, compelling ad copy and a persuasive landing page that speaks directly to buyer pain points will help your company make the initial cut.