Measuring Traffic

You Cannot Manage What You Do Not Measure

Its about Measuring the results you’re getting from your Website

Server Side:
Unreliable for Today’s Measurement Needs
Client Side:
Today’s Preferred Measurement Method
  • Measures server activity, not actual visitor activity
  • Significant over- and under-counting
  • Records when a visitor requests one of your pages
  • Server software establishes information it considers useful
  • The preferred method for serious Internet marketing initiatives
  • Applies sophisticated software to track real activity
  • Measures exactly what visitors do on your Website

Establish goals for your Website:
What are the business reasons behind your Website?

Track Results to Goals with these tools

ROI Analysis

Tracking Return on Investment involves knowing what to track and how to adjust accordingly. Learn how to determine the return on your marketing investments. Is your goal meeting or exceeding your expectation?

Keyword Research

Learn how to improve your organic search engine ranking. What keywords or phrases do your customers use to find your website? Learn how to optimize these words and about how correct placement on your website can easily improve your search engine ranking.

Web Analytics

Let us give you a complete review of your website. See statistics such as visitors, page views, downloads, time spent on site. All of this and more delivered to you in an easy to understand report. Allow yourself to measure how your website is doing and quickly identify the changes that should be made.

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