Vertical Markets

Industrial and Manufacturing sectors

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Vertical Marketing Initiatives

Let our knowledge and expertise of the internet help bring customers to your specific market

  • Auto Dealerships – Solution selling to match up
    your inventory to your buyers needs
  • Real Estate – A place to bring buyers and sellers
    together. Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Dentist – A way to have your services found easier
    within your market
  • Law Practice – There are so many specialties
    within the law use the internet for getting your
    office found
  • Chiropractor – Make it “pain free” to be found

Innovative go-to market solutions for your industry, Market your business where your clients are shopping – The Internet!

Automotive Dealerships

Your internal sales numbers are steady, but you want to grow more. The Internet is the answer! Your website is an online showroom. You must make it easy for your customers to interact with you.

Real Estate

“82% of first-time buyers and 78% of repeat buyers use the Internet to search for a home and ultimately choose their real estate professional” – National Association of Realtors, Help your potential clients find you with an effective internet strategy.

Chiropractic Practices

56% of Americans have experienced back pain within the past year
26.4% have experienced at least one day of lower back pain within the last 3 months
18% have experienced “frequent” back pain within the last year – Source: US National Surveys 2002
More and more Americans are using the internet to find things they are looking for IE chiropractors. Help them find you with an effective Internet Marketing Strategy.

Dental Practices

The Greater Charlotte area is exploding! Can your services be found?
If every 6 months people have to see their dentist are they coming to you? Let us shape your internet strategy, and build your business.

Law Practice

Your Commitment is to help your client within the boundaries of the law
Our Commitment is to help you get found on the Internet. Let our specialty help Yours!

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